Sorry for the delay in an update but we have been busy tweaking and tuning to get some stability :)

As you may have seen no data was lost because of the raid since we of course have backups running every minute :) d0h'

1. We have seen that there has been some question to why we are using Cloudflare. This is only initially to handle the massive load upon the servers. It will be removed shortly.

2. Due to severe security issues regarding the old moderator team all moderation has temporarily been disabled. Before we sort everything out we have instead added a "Report link" to all torrents which you can find in the details page. We believe in that the The PirateBay Proxy community can help moderate the site for the time being.

More updates will follow as soon as we think of something ;)

Posted 02-03 2015 by admin


#1. FNSaver - 02-03 2015
we have faith in you.
#2. palinen - 02-03 2015
Välkomna tillbaka!!! piratebay behövs, ge aldrig upp och
håll internet öppet för alla. Linus PaLinen
#3. mamamiapizzaria - 02-03 2015
We want the mods back!
#4. 1997KX250 - 02-03 2015
Thank you ALL who are bringing back the best site in the world. I almost died of The PirateBay Proxy saved me just in the nick of time!
#5. Pronsta - 02-03 2015
To whom do you report upload issues and the like?
#6. paulboscu - 02-03 2015
Welcome back The PirateBay Proxy!
#7. spen007 - 02-03 2015
Keep the fight going no matter what! Even for one day gone..... you are sorely missed. You are not only the first line of defense..... you are the only line of defense. The very best of luck to you and your warriors!
#8. kimyy02 - 02-03 2015
Welcome back! I finally can use the best site on the internet again! Keep the fight going
#9. josh555 - 02-03 2015
Welcome back to the most resilient site on the web!
#10. Piratehelmetdoe - 02-03 2015
I missed you guys and every day I went to the site, and cryed all over again... NOW YOUR BACK!!

Live on my pirate brothers
#11. BeatlesFan5858 - 02-03 2015
Thank you for coming back TBP! We want the mods back! We want Cloud Flare gone!

But you're awesome all the same!
#12. Dr0b4ck - 02-03 2015
impossible to upload torrent
#13. thorildor - 02-03 2015
Please fix security issue for mods and let them back!
Please make a new design!
After that, The PirateBay Proxy will be perfect!
#14. NickShim - 02-03 2015
Hi dear friends The PirateBay Proxy.

Congratulations for our Resurrection!

As a loyal subscriber who I am, I wish to contribute to the development of the page and the Community.

Your faithful follower...

email:[email protected]
#15. krikri3 - 02-03 2015
we love you
#16. Lelum - 02-04 2015
Fight the good fight The PirateBay Proxy !
#17. dwmusic - 02-04 2015
Welcome back The PirateBay Proxy!
Could you please also add a report user button, so we can stop the fake uploaders from uploading fake torrents?
#18. morphirr - 02-04 2015
Welcome back old friends :)
#19. theglideslope - 02-04 2015
Good to have you back, regarding the old mod, snitches must walk the plank.
#20. LordKeezah - 02-04 2015
Welcome back, mates!
#21. .Xpoz - 02-04 2015
Thanks for come back!
#22. NormandyIntl - 02-04 2015
Nice though a little late as everyone already moved on to other sites mostly
#23. vonRicht - 02-04 2015
It's really good to see you back, The PirateBay Proxy!

Never lose sight of you're loved and appreciated!
#24. brunomocsa - 02-04 2015
Vida Longa
#25. elboogero - 02-04 2015
I'm so fucking happy to see you back online. Long live The PirateBay Proxy.
#26. Capajebo - 02-04 2015
..good luck in the future The PirateBay Proxy and w e l c o m e back! :)
#27. .BONE. - 02-04 2015
Paranoid conspiracy theories going round the internet that this sites being ran by FBI.
#28. ManinBlue - 02-05 2015
I have Read a few articles about that thought now .BONE.-- I have no plans on downloading until things calm down a little and we find out a little more about this so called resurrection. (Although I am going thru withdrawls from not watching your quality efforts).

Users beware... but long live The PirateBay Proxy!
#29. s1raz1 - 02-05 2015
Welcome back The PirateBay Proxy
#30. ihab9876 - 02-05 2015
welcome back , The PirateBay Proxy :) wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
#31. klearlycanadian - 02-05 2015
Welcome back! Missed you very much.
#32. extremezone - 02-05 2015
welcome back you Sphinx, don't do this anymore i want you to be near me until i will be at 99 years, after this date i don't care :D
#33. toots2boots - 02-05 2015
Is this the risen feenix?Just hope it flies as well as it's parent did.G'day all.
#34. FinchFan - 02-05 2015
What was the big security issue with the old mods?
#35. ff0255 - 02-07 2015
Yo-ho-ho The PirateBay Proxy! Happy to see you online! You already changed the Net, and still continue. Someday we'll win this war for freedom. Thanks.
#36. ziki - 02-07 2015
Long live The PirateBay Proxy !!!
You proved once again that you are unstoppable !
#37. MadMarker - 02-09 2015
Welcome home.
#38. rg101 - 02-09 2015
You were missed - your message was missed, but not lost!
Thx for bringing The PirateBay Proxy back!
#39. violet1143 - 02-12 2015
Yay! And what about the SuprBay?

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